Benefits of Choosing Frameless Glass Partition for Your Office


Every office has partitions. These partitions are used to separate different work stations or cubicles and provide personal space for the employees. There are many types of partitions using wood, PVC, glass and laminate. Each type of material has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. While using wooden partitions was a trend in the past, glass partitions have increased in popularity in the recent times.

Frameless glass partition is the current trend in modem and sophisticated offices. It lends a modern and contemporary feel to the place. Using glass partitions provides privacy as well as gives an increased perception of space and visual awareness. The frameless partitions are joined by only dry hinges. The absence of frames creates a seamless finish to the partition giving it a minimalist look.

The use of glass allows natural light to pass through, giving the occupant an airy and spacious feel. The look of these frameless glass partitions can be further enhanced by engraving beautiful designs and fitting attractive light fixtures. Corporate offices can use their logos and corporate colors on these partitions for a rich outlook.

Frameless partitions can be used in versatile ways depending on the design of the office. They can be used as full height glass walls, room dividers, partitions and screens. The partitions are available in different sizes to suit different requirements. Another advantage of using these frameless glass partitions is they are re-locatable according to requirement. These partitions can be bought from the store or can be customized to suit the client specifications.

The next important point is the cost of these frameless glass partitions. There are two options available. The first option is to buy the glass partition from the store or get it custom made. The second option is to lease the partitions. While buying them involves a capital expenditure, leasing them costs less.

Considering all the advantages, I decided to have frameless glass partitions for my office. The next step is to review the various manufacturers and suppliers in the market and select the best one that suits my requirements and get a quotation from them.

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