American’s Guide To Visiting Niagara Falls In Canada


If you are a citizen of the United States with plans to see the Niagara Falls in Canada, this article is for you. When visiting, prior to purchasing tickets to the Niagara Falls boat ride, one must decide whether they are going to visit the Canadian side or stay at the American side. If possible, tourists who have been to both recommend visiting the two sides for a complete experience. Majority of the tourists though commented that the Canadian side is much better.

If you are an American and wanted to go to the Niagara Falls Canada’s side, bring your passport. This is a must but many tend to forget because of its location which can give off the vibe of not leaving the country at all. It does not matter that the distance can be driven easily, passport is required. Do not plan or book a trip to the Niagara Falls Canada if you are yet to receive your passport because your effort might be wasted.

When going to Niagara Falls Canada, choose the accommodation with the best location. It should be walking distance for ease of accessibility. Those who are planning to explore the downtown area could check out the casino and a wide array of restaurants. If you plan to walk from the United States side of the falls to the Canada side, choose a hotel that is near the border. There is no shortage of hotel availability from budget ones to the most luxurious.

Before crossing the border, remember your phone which usually turns to roaming mode automatically. You might forget for a few minutes and use it as usual without knowing that you are already being charged with roaming rates. This is why it is recommended to visit your phone carrier prior to the trip or search online on how to help you use your phone without the additional charges.

Lastly, when paying for your Niagara Falls boat ride from the Canadian side, you might pay with your credit card while forgetting that you are in another country and credit card charges are expected.

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