Achieving Success Through Hard Work


Is it possible to become a millionaire and own several businesses at 32? Yes indeed, King Kong sabri suby managed to do that within a few years. When Sabri Suby started the digital agency, he was making 150 cold calls to businesses that can’t be found on the first page of Google search results. After 4 days he landed his first client and the rest is history.

In 2018, digital agency King Kong placed 9th in Smart50 awards with a revenue of $7.5 million and a 3-year growth rate of 314%. However, it was not easy for the digital agency to achieve success. Operations were undertaken out of a spare bedroom using a single laptop. There was no office and potential clients were lost.

One of the challenges was the difficulty of gaining new clients. This is a problem that has plagued many businesses for years. There were digital agencies that would quote outrageous prices without any real guarantee.

Sabri Suby decided to take things differently. He offered performance guarantees. He does not get paid until the business achieves its key objectives. Sabri Suby knew that many businesses were skeptical about promises. To allay the fears of clients, he offered them a guarantee that the best results can be achieved.

Businesses that achieved their objectives with the help of the digital agency spread the word to their business buddies. It was the word-of-mouth marketing that helped in King Kong’s 3-year growth. There are many fundamental challenges that businesses have to face. However, businesses have to make their product or service irresistible to customers so that they won’t be able to resist the offer.

It is also important to isolate the activities that generate revenue. Work tirelessly on those things and delegate the other activities to others. One thing is constant: you cannot achieve success without hard work.

Much of King Kong sabri suby success came from hard work. He specialized in online marketing and search engine optimization before he started his own digital agency. He has experienced ups and downs before his agency gained clients. King Kong is now a multimillion-dollar business with thousands of new clients every month.

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