A Look At The Underrated Rayong


There’s little doubt that Thailand is a key tourist destination, though the distribution of arrivals isn’t even with people forgoing hotel rooms in Rayong and instead booking in Koh Samui, Phuket or the capital itself. However, the low-key coastline of Rayong has been getting some publicity, with an increasing number of arrivals to the province.

On top of its pristine sands, Rayong also holds the vestiges of the traditional Thai life that is becoming scarce in the more tourist-heavy destinations. Many here still live by the ways that their ancestors have for generations, and it’s certainly got a rustic charm that some might find appealing.

If you’re looking for some incentive to go and book hotel rooms in Rayong, here are the places you can enjoy.

Wat Pa Pradu

This wat, a building housing a Buddhist temple, is a good place to visit for the historically and culturally inclined tourist. Built sometime back in the Ayutthaya period, which ran from 1351-1767, the Wat Pa Pradu takes inspiration from several cultures, with a Chinese shrine, alongside a striking, 12-metre-long Buddha resting his head in his left hand, inside a building with aesthetic nods to classical European sculptures.

Yomjinda Road

Located near a bend of the Rayong River, this traditional street is like a walk into Thailand’s past. In contrast to the capital’s Sukhumvit Road, Yomjinda Road has stayed underdeveloped for decades. That was, until a group of artisans, artists and businessmen took notice of the area during the turn of the millennium, resulting in the revitalisation of the street. This resulted in coffee shops, art galleries and museums and the like being built in the area, bringing new purpose to the street without shedding the old-fashioned appeal it’s known for.


Are you a cyclist? Then you’ll be wanting to book hotel rooms in Rayong, as the province has more than 70 kilometres of paved roads, perfect for cycling. There’s even Rayong Bike Tours, an amateur cycling club, which does guided tours and welcomes participants of all stripes and skills from anywhere in the world. Die-hard athletes can compete with the club, while the novices can join and take in the scenery in the more laid-back nature rides.

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